Haddon Lake Trail – Haddon Township, NJ


Haddon Lake Loop – Haddon Lake County Park, Haddon Township/Audubon, Camden County, NJ
Distance: 1 1/2 miles – 2 miles.
Type: lollipop
Difficulty: 1 of 10.
Total score: 4 of 10.

Terrain – lakeside.

Trailheads – Parking lot at  39° 52.733’N,  75° 4.470’W or at  39° 53.144’N,  75° 5.100’W

Standouts – lots of birds.

Markings – None, but has mile markers every 1/4 mile.

Description: After one of the first warm days of Spring, the Pres and I set out to explore Haddon Lake.  Sadly, this wasn’t that warm day, but it was nice to get fresh air anyway!

We parked in the lot at the far end of the park, near the playground and the amphitheater.  The Pres went up and down the slides a bunch before we started our walk.  The trail follows a small stream/creek/drainage ditch.

Nice, paved trail.

Nice, paved trail.


After 0.4 of a mile, you’ll cross over Rt 551 and arrive at the lake proper.  The trail immediately splits.  It doesn’t matter which way you go, you’ll end up back here.  We went left.

Lake right after you cross the road.

Lake right after you cross the road.

It’s a little less than a mile around the lake.  While walk, keep an eye out on the lake.  There were tons of birds out the day we were there, especially ducks.  The Pres was pretty happy to see the ducks, although the ducks did not seem as happy to see him.



"HI DUCKS!!!!"

“HI DUCKS!!!!”

There’s not much more too it, just a nice little walk around a lake filled with birds.  Just a nice day to walk through the park.

?????????? ??????????

I’ll have to come back here in the Fall, the leaves should be pretty good!

Overall recommendation: It’s not a wilderness trail, but it’s nice for a county park in a very populated area.  It’s not far from our apartment, so we’ll come back here for short hikes and duck stalking (I’ll walk, The Pres will stalk).

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