Wonderland Trail – Southwest Harbor, Maine


Wonderland Trail– Acadia National Park – Southwest Harbor, Maine
Distance: 1.4 miles total
Type: lollipop
Difficulty: 2 of 10.
Total score: 6 of 10.

Terrain – rocky seacost and forest.

Map –

Trailheads –  44° 14.014’N,  68° 19.220’W

Just look for this.

Just look for this.

Directions – drive to Maine, trail is on Rt 102 A just South of Seawall Campground.

Parking – a few spots at the trailhead.  Generally filled at the high point of the day.

Standouts – rugged seacoast

Markings – Rare to nonexistent, just follow the trail.

Description – Summer is coming (slowly but slowly).  Thus, I relive last year’s week long adventure to Acadia National Park in Maine….

So The Pres didn’t sleep well while we were camping in Maine.  The Wife was staying up late with him, so I would get up early and take him hiking so she could sleep peacefully for a few hours.  This was our first day, as the trail is just a short distance from Seawall Campground, our home for the week.

There isn’t really any guidance that you need on this trail, just walk it, go around the loop, then head back the way that you came.  You’ll get some lovely seaside scenes.  Just watch your footing on the rock!  If you have a slightly larger kid, you can take them down to the rocks and go through the tidal pools.


Overall recommendation: Beautiful short hike, great to combine with the Ship Harbor Trail and a visit to Bass Harbor Lighthouse.


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2 responses to “Wonderland Trail – Southwest Harbor, Maine

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  2. I just love Acadia! I haven’t been there for a few years. Seeing your pics makes me really want to get back there soon!

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