Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge – Medford, NJ



Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge
6 Sawmill Road, Medford, NJ
Website – http://www.cedarrun.org/
Entrance fee – $5

A post by loyal reader Roger!

For those that follow us on Facebook, we’ve been sharing a lot of pictures taken by Roger, one of our loyal readers, who has gotten super into wildlife photography (and gotten good pretty darn quick).  Roger and I have struck up a regular correspondence, which mostly consists of him telling me about the awesome hikes that he’s done lately.  They’ve slowly been turning into trail reviews in themselves (which is great, because it gets me excited to go out to these places), so I figure, why not share them?


“I visited Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge today, here is a map of the land if you want to consider visiting.  There were 3 trails, yellow, blue and white.

White circled the compound, blue was hard to follow and crossed a power line grouping, and the yellow was a nice walk through heavy forest.
There were some caged animals recovering, lots of owls and birds (bald eagles were cool), and the place is kinda geared for kids and educating kids about nature, so your family might like it.

$5 entrance fee, which wasn’t bad in my opinion.  Hiking element was just ok, 3/10, but the animals were worth the trip!”

I know I’ve been meaning to get out to Cedar Run for quite a while!  The Pres had a great time checking out the animals at their booth at the Whitesbog Blueberry Festival this year, and I was actually there for eight hours one day helping one of my Scouts with his Eagle Scout project, but didn’t get a chance to do any of the trails…

… until March 2016, when I took the kids out.  Thanks Roger for the push!  The Pres and Tree Rider both loved it, the animals especially, but also being around the lake.  The White Trail takes you right through the animal enclosures.  Also, good bird watching, got real nice views of some woodpeckers.



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