Scotland Run Park – Clayton, NJ


Scotland Run Park – Clayton ,  Gloucester County, NJ
Distance –  Unknown miles of trails total ( we covered 2.8 miles by doing the outside loop behind the nature center, the Nature Trail, and the road walk to the boat ramp road, plus the distance between the trailheads).
Type – Loops/out-and-backs
Difficulty: 2  of 10 – trails unmarked
Total score: 5 of 10

Website – Gloucester County Parks
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Lake, woods, fields
Surface – Part paved, part grass, part dirt

Trailheads – Nature Trail –  39°39’27.27″N,  75° 3’9.80″W
Trails behind Nature Center –  39°39’20.19″N,  75° 3’6.17″W

Road walk down to boat ramp (closed to traffic) –  39°39’27.09″N,  75° 3’7.11″W

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Penbryn WMA Paddle – Winslow, NJ


Penbryn Wildlife Management Area Paddle – Winslow, Camden County, NJ
Distance: Aimless paddling on this good size lake racked up a mile of distance.
Type: Out and back
Difficulty: 1 of 10
Total score: 4 of 10

Note – You can also hike here, as previously covered

Website – Penbryn WMA
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Lakeside

Boat ramp – 39°45’55.40″N,  74°56’10.49″W

Directions:  Penbryn Road, Winslow, NJ (Note – in my GPS, it comes up as Berlin.) It’s just before the railroad track.

Parking: Roadside parking.  If parking in the small pull off areas, be careful that you aren’t blocking the boat ramp.

Standouts – Nice views of the lake.  Nice marsh at the back.

Map – Large map can be found at Penbryn WMA

My track. Only did one side of the pond.

Description: A few weeks ago, my Scouts had their weekly meeting, this week on how to use a canoe.  Instead of practicing in a field, they decided to head to nearby Penbryn Lake to practice.

Well, sometimes you head out to teach the new Scouts how to paddle around a lake and stumble into a gorgeous sunset.


But first, the proprieties must be observed.  There is a rough boat ramp (it drops off pretty quick) at the corner of the lake near to Penbryn Road.  From here, you can head out to explore the lake by canoe, kayak, or boat.  It’s not a huge lake, but its good for 45 minutes of exploring.  Bring your fishing rod, this is a popular local spot to fish.

Okay, now the sunset pictures.



Thanks to NJ Monthly for including a version of this shot as their “Instagram Shot of the Week” in their weekly email newsletter!


Best meeting of the year.

Overall – Not worth driving huge distance to get here, but its a pretty little lake to canoe around.  I’ve also hiked here (can do about a mile) and had a great time and The Pres’s very first time fishing was here too.  Pretty sunset not guaranteed.

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Levin Nature Conservancy – Mt. Laurel, NJ


Melvin and Florence Levin Nature Conservancy – Mt. Laurel, Burlington County, NJ
Distance –  a little over 2 miles of trails (we did 2 1/4 miles with some backtrack and only missed one cut-through trail) total
Type – Loop with a cut-through and a spur
Difficulty:  1 of 10
Total score: 5  of 10

Website –  None
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – woods and swamp with a bit of grassland
Surface – some parts are boardwalk, some parts crushed stone dust, and some parts grass and dirt (or in our case, mud.  Thanks rain)

Trailheads –  39°56’51.50″N,  74°52’40.67″W – this is the main one off of the parking lot, although there are others along Hainsport-Mt Laurel Road, and along Hartford Road (this is the best spot to park)


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Mill Pond Trail – Port Republic, NJ


Mill Pond Trail – Port Republic Trail System  – Port Republic, Atlantic County, NJ
Distance – 1.9 miles total (does not include the cut through, nor the access trail to get to other parts of the wider trail system)
Type – Loop
Difficulty:  2 of 10
Total score: 7 of 10

Website – Port Republic Trail System (Facebook page, no website)
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – pine forest with a bit of swamp
Surface – dirt

Trailheads –  39°30’39.03″N,  74°30’15.30″W

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A. Jerome Walnut Nature Trail – Barnegat Light, NJ


A. Jerome Walnut Nature Trail – Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island, Ocean County, NJ
Distance –  0.25 miles total (one way), but paths off this trail can greatly extend your hike (we did 1 1/2 miles and could have extended it more)
Type – U trail (ends do not connect, must backtrack or walk around the block)
Difficulty:  3 of 10 – sand can be such a pain to walk in.
Total score:  6 of 10

Website – None
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – dunes and beach
Surface – Boardwalk and loose sand

Trailheads –  39°45’12.95″N,  74° 6’20.78″W OR  39°45’10.43″N,  74° 6’23.32″W

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South Jersey Trails in New Jersey Monthly Magazine!

So the newest issue of New Jersey Monthly Magazine just hit the magazine racks, and the cover story is ALL about hiking and biking all over New Jersey.  The cover article is totally worth the read, and having done all 12 of the trails in South Jersey that are mentioned, I vouch that they are all great.  So totally get a copy.

Wait, what’s this?  An article on backpacking on the Mullica River Trail?  Yes, writer Nick DiUlio and a buddy backpacked that lovely 9.5 mile trail, enjoying this backpacking gem out in the pine barrens, and then wrote a lovely little article about their adventure.  Loyal readers may remember that this was the first trail the Pres ever backpacked, completing it with Daddy and Uncle Skunk when he was three.

Wait?  Who is that being quoted in the article (and sounding much more intelligent that I do in real life)?  It’s me!  Yay!  Nick was kind enough to reach out to me to talk about the Mullica River Trail, and I was happy to yammer at him for 40 minutes on the phone.   I have a quote or two in the article, and Nick was even nice enough to put our web address in the article.  Because he’s awesome.

You can read the article here, but you should totally put up the $5 for the paper copy, because I am old fashioned and paper copies are awesome.

In conclusion – buy magazine, Nick is awesome (thanks Nick!), and to be a professional writer I need to stop working in stupid puns, focus when writing, and not write statements like “Yay!” in articles.  And definitely do not use fragments in my writing.  Or repeat myself.  Or repeat myself.

Don’t know where to get a copy?  Just go to Barnes & Noble in Marlton, which is where my wife picked up a copy to surprise me with.  Or, you know, any of a variety of stores all over New Jersey that stock fine magazines.



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Two South Jersey Bloggers Explore The Area’s Secrets, From the Pine Barrens to the Rural Communities.

Eric is a student at Glassboro College Rowan University who runs a blog on Glassboro history. He recently interviewed me about South Jersey Trails. More importantly, he also interviewed Yummygal of the old South Jersey Adventures blog (I miss that blog).  Go ahead and take a read!

While you’re there, definitely check out at least Eric’s interview with some of the students who graduated Glassboro High School in 1986… the year President Reagan came to the ceremony. Fascinating little corner of history that I’d never heard about!

Thank you Eric for reaching out!

The Glassboro History Handbook

It’s March 26, 2017 and Rowan’s students are more than halfway through the Spring 2017 Semester. It’s been a blast sharing Glassboro’s hidden secrets with you all. I’ve learned a lot about the town, as I’m sure you have as well.

This week’s post won’t be about Train Stations or Glass Factories. This week, I reached out to two bloggers who blog about historic and interesting places in South Jersey. I’ve given you a profile about both, so enjoy!

Yummygal Photo Professional Photo taken of Giumetti. (Photo/Deirdre Giumetti)

Deirdre Giumetti, a.k.a. Yummygal, runs a blog via WordPress called “South Jersey History & Adventures.” The mother of two hasn’t posted new content to her blog for about two years, but she’s covered places in South Jersey since 2011, which gives readers a wide-selection of content to choose from.

Giumetti, 35, of Woodstown NJ started her blog when she left her position with Enclara…

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