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Maurice River Bluffs Preserve – Millville, NJ

Welcome to the Maurice River Bluffs!

Welcome to the Maurice River Bluffs!  Taken from the floating dock.

Blue, Orange, Red, and White Trails – Maurice River Bluffs Preserve – Millville, Cumberland County, NJ
Distance: 5 miles.  The map is a little confusing.  We did 3.7 miles, skipping only some short bits of the orange trail and part of the non-alternate Blue Trail (which was closed).  5 miles is a best guess.
Type: Web of trails (many of them are loops, the orange trail loops back on itself several times)
Difficulty: 7 of 10 – your legs will feel these hills the next day!
Total score:  10 of 10.

Terrain – woodlands, riverbanks, lots and lots of hills.

Trailheads – 39° 21.200’N,  75° 2.179’W – all trails lead from the parking lot.

Go under this sign and you'll hit the trails.

Go under this sign and you’ll hit the trails.

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Spring Lake Trail – Roebling Park – Hamilton Township, NJ


Welcome sign by Watson House.

Welcome sign by Watson House.

Spring Lake Trail – John A. Roebling Memorial Park – Abbott Marshlands – Hamilton Township, Mercer County, NJ

(Formerly the Trenton-Hamilton-Bordentown Marsh)
Distance: 4 miles of trails in the park (we did 2 1/2 miles – the Spring Lake Trail.  Will be back for the Watson’s Woods Trail)
Type: Web of interlocking trails.
Difficulty: 4 of 10 – some parts slippery and muddy, some parts of the trail (especially on the island portions) can be a little difficult to follow.  Elevation is no problem.
Total score: 7 of 10.

Terrain –Swamps, swamps, swamps, lake, and woodlands

Trailheads –  40° 11.695’N,  74° 43.936’W (Spring Lake trail head),  40° 11.358’N,  74° 43.636’W (Watson’s Woods Trailhead)

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Hopkins Pond – Haddonfield, NJ


Tree Trail – Hopkins Pond – Pennypacker County Park – Haddonfield, Camden County, NJ
Distance: 0.75 miles (official distance is 0.6, I don’t think includes the little connector.  Or someone is wrong)
Type: Loop
Difficulty: 3 of 10.
Total score: 6 of 10.
Updated: January 7, 2017

Terrain – Wooded area around a small pond

Trailheads –  39° 54.291’N,  75° 1.637’W is the main parking lot.  There are three smaller ones off of Hopkins Lane as well, and a connector to Greenwalk Park next door.
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