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Glades Wildlife Refuge – Dividing Creek, NJ


Glades Wildlife Refuge – Dividing Creek (Downe Township), Cumberland  County, NJ
Bald Eagle Trail – 1.5 miles round trip listed (1.75 miles round trip by GPS)
Maple Street Trail – Did not hike (yet)!
Warfle Farm Trail – Did not hike (yet)!
Tat Starr Trail – Did not hike (yet)!
Type – A series of out-and-back trails
Difficulty:  2 of 10 – although this has to go up in the summer, when I’m sure the bugs and the sun might be brutal.
Total score: 7 of 10

Website – Natural Lands Trust
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – tidal marshland
Surface – Dirt
Trailheads –
Bald Eagle Trail – 39°15’40.79″N, 75° 7’33.15″W
Maple Street Trail – ?
Warfle Farm Trail – ?
Tat Starr Trail – ?

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Delaware Bay Unit – Cape May NWR – Middle Twp, NJ


Songbird Trail and Woodcock Trail – Cape May National Wildlife Refuge – Delaware Bay Unit – Middle Township (Cape May Courthouse), Cape May County, NJ
Distance – official is just over a mile, but my GPS said 1.5.
Type – Loop trail
Difficulty: 2 of 10
Total score: 4 of 10

Website – http://www.friendsofcapemayrefuge.org/
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Meadows, woods, and marshland

Songbird Trail – 

Trailheads – Parking lot at Refuge Headquarters – 39° 5’58.64″N, 74°52’48.16″W
Trail parking lot – 39° 6’3.43″N, 74°52’53.89″W

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Bivalve and Shell Pile – Commercial Township, NJ

I first heard of Shell Pile and Bivalve, two old oystering towns, the way most folks do, through Henry Charlton Beck’s classic book Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey.  While many of the towns in that book are long gone, Shell Pile and Bivalve (along with Port Norris) hang in there.  Despite diseases that have nearly wiped out the oyster population (twice), one factory and a handful of boats still hang on.  And, of course, there are still gigantic piles of shells, same as there were in the 1930s.  I hadn’t been there in five or six years.  What sent me back?  Well, I drove by this the other day…



… and Millville is fairly close to Shell Pile and The Pres had never been and Spring Break is almost over, so why not?

The place has changed a little bit, more of it is run down by the year, and more marinas are closed, but the Bayshore Discovery Center has some nice digs, even if the Meerwald was in Philly for the month.  So, a brief (but in no way thorough) tour:


Old Port Norris School, built on stilts to avoid flooding.

Old Port Norris School, built on stilts to avoid flooding. 2014.

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