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Wishbone Trail paddle – Rancocas Creek – Mt. Holly to Hainsport, NJ


Wishbone Trail – Rancocas Creek National Water Trail paddle – Mt. Holly to Hainsport, Burlington County, NJ
Distance – roughly 8 miles
Time – usually 3 to 4 hours (took us just over 3)
Type – down the North Branch of Rancocas Creek, then up the South branch!
Difficulty:  7 of 10 (for paddling against the current the last mile and a half)
Total score: 10 of 10

Website – Ranococas Creek National Water Trail (proposed)
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – the river passes through the middle of town, as well as through forests and swamps.

Launches – 
Mount Holly – Launch at 39°59’24.58″N, 74°46’46.55″W (end of Wollner Drive in Iron Works Park) OR just the other side of the dam at Iron Works Park at the footbridge at 39°59’31.00″N, 74°46’55.59″W. We chose the first put in, which required taking the canoe out to portage around the dam.


Take out –  Hainsport at Walnut Ave and Spruce Ave – 39°59’5.79″N,  74°50’37.40″W

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Rancocas State Park (South) – Hainsport, NJ


Rancocas State Park (South End) – Hainsport, Burlington County, NJ

NOTE: To be clear, this is the southern section, between the two branches of Rancocas Creek.
For the north section (where the Rancocas Nature Center and Indian Reservation are), click here.  The two sections, separated by the North Branch of Rancocas Creek, are not connected by any trails.

Distance: 8.2 miles of trails (we did 4 miles)
Type: Interconnected web of trails of various colors
Difficulty: 3 of 10.
Total score: 8 of 10.

Terrain – forest, river, swamp, small hills

Trailheads –  39° 59.546’N,  74° 50.052’W (off intersection of Deacon Rd and Woolman Rd) – Blue trail goes two directions from here.  Five or six parking spots.
You can also enter the park from Rancocas Ave.   39° 59.434’N,  74° 50.257’W.  The Blue Trail comes in from the right as soon as you enter the park, and follows along the road for a while when you first come in.  It also crosses the road at the very end, at the loop.

Road loop.  Can park here.

Road loop. Can park here.

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Long Bridge Park – Hainsport, NJ

Rancocas Creek... so we meet again...

Rancocas Creek… so we meet again…

Long Bridge County Park – Hainspoirt, Burlington County, NJ
Distance: 2.5 miles of trails (I did 3 miles by being a little OCD and walking every bit of every trail, which required some overlap)
Type: Intersecting loops and lollipops.
Difficulty: 2 of 10.
Total score: 5 of 10.

Terrain – woods, marsh, river.

Trailheads –  39° 59.528’N,  74° 48.909’W

All trails lead from the parking lot.  And the neighborhood next door.  But go into the park and use the parking lot.

All trails lead from the parking lot. And the neighborhood next door. But go into the park and use the parking lot.  Get map from board.

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