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Mullica River Paddle (Overnight) – Atsion to Pleasant Mills

You can tell it's fun because my thumb is up.

You can tell it’s fun because my thumb is up.

Mullica River Paddle – Atsion to Pleasant Mills – Burlington County, NJ- Overnight or all in one go!
Distance: Best guess – 10 miles.  Heard everything from 8 (seems short) to 15 (seems long). The official number is 10, but ever that didn’t seem right.
Type: One way
Difficulty: 7 of 10, mostly for length
Total score: 10 of 10.

Terrain – Narrow, winding river with lots and lots of sharp curves.  Later on, broad marsh lands.

Put ins – Atsion –  39° 44.397’N,  74° 43.473’W.  This is located across from the old Cotton Mill, a short distance off of Rt 206, directly across from Atsion Lake (but NOT Quaker Bridge Road… if you see a church, you are on the wrong road!)

Old Cotton Mill

Old Cotton Mill

Take outs – Pleasant Mills –  39° 38.388’N,  74° 39.541’W.  For pickups, if headed toward Batsto, this is the road to the RIGHT just after the intersection of Rt 542 (Nesco Road) and 643 (Pleasant Mills Road), just past the Pleasant Mills-Batsto Cemetery.  You’ll notice yourself driving on a bridge across the river, the turn is right after this.  You can also leave cars at Batsto and have a nice little walk of a mile or two.
You can also go another few hours and come out at Crowley’s Landing  just past Batsto –  39° 37.583’N,  74° 37.156’W
If you are superhuman, you can also paddle UP the Batsto River and make it into Batsto Lake.

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