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Sunfish Pond II: Meeting Dr. Dave- Columbia, NJ

Sunfish Pond Hike II – Worthington State Park, Columbia, Warren County, NJ: Douglas Trail – Appalachian Trail

Distance: 15 miles
Type: Out and back
Difficulty – 9 of 10… you have a tough 1,200 foot climb.
Total score – 9 of 10.

Terrain – mountains

Trailheads: Campground at Worthington State Forest –  41° 0.770′N,  75° 4.943′W

So the Scouts and I were back up in Worthington State Park on the Appalachian Trail this weekend.  As previously mentioned in this blog, Sunfish Pond is one of my favorite hikes of all time.  There are plenty of details in my other post for a great day hike or weekend backpacker trip on this stretch of trail.

What made this trip extra great was meeting thru-hiker Dr. Dave Rough on the trail this morning.  For the two of you who regularly read my blog, you may remember Dave from my long winded ramblings about backpacking and my obsession with AT thruhiking.  Well, he’s made it to New Jersey, and I was thrilled to be able to welcome him to the greatest state in the union on his first day here.
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