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Hiking Adventures!

This is what we do here, hike the trails of South Jersey, then share adorable pictures of my small children.  Wait!  I mean, information about the hike.  Also, adorable pictures of my small children.



Good places to start … Top 10 Trails in South Jersey (that we’ve hiked) or Ten Most Popular Hikes in South Jersey or 8 South Jersey Trailks with Climbs or our 10 Favorite New Hikes from 2015 or 2016 or Best Hikes in the Pine Barrens

Hikes are broken down by county.  We love suggestions and trip reports!  Contact us at southjerseytrails@gmail.com.

130 (or so) trails in South Jersey hiked/reviewed and counting!  North Jersey, Pennsylvania, National Trails Day, and South Jersey Trails Group Hikes are listed at the end!

Click here for full size map

Camden County


Audubon –
Haddon Lake Park – Haddon Township/Audubon, NJ

Berlin Borough –
Berlin County Park (North side) – 1.3 miles
Berlin County Park (South side) – 2.5 miles

Cherry Hill –
Barclay Farmstead Trail – Cherry Hill, NJ – 1.2 miles of trails
Bortons Mills Trails – Cherry Hill, NJ – 1 1/2 miles of trails
Bunker Hill Trails – Cherry Hill, NJ
Carusi Arbor Trail – Cherry Hill, NJ – 0.2 miles
Cherry Valley Trail – Cherry Hill, NJ
Croft Farm Trails – Cherry Hill, NJ
Downs Farm Trail – Cherry Hill, NJ
Earlton North Trail – Cherry Hill, NJ
Kresson Trails – Cherry Hill, NJ
Old Orchards Trails – Cherry Hill, NJ – 1 mile
Richterman Trail – Cherry Hill, NJ – 0.45 miles (one way)
Watchable Wildlife Walk – Greenwald County Park – Cherry Hill and Haddonfield, NJ – 1.8 miles

Collingswood –
Newton Lake Hike – Oaklyn, Collingswood, Haddon Township, NJ – 4 miles of trails

Gibbsboro –
Blueberry Hill – “The Red Trail” – Gibbsboro, NJ – 3 miles of trails
The Paintworks Trail – Gibbsboro Greenway System – Gibbsboro, NJ – 0.75 miles

Gloucester Township (Glendora, Erial, Blackwood, etc) –
Timber Creek Park Trails – Glendora, NJ
Gloucester Township Health & Fitness Trail (Formerly Blackwood Railroad Trail) – Blackwood, NJ – 2.75 miles (one way)

 Haddonfield –
Crow’s Woods Nature Preserve – Haddonfield, NJ – 1.5 miles of trails
Tree Trail – Hopkins Pond – Pennypacker County Park – Haddonfield, NJ
– 3/4 miles of trails
Watchable Wildlife Walk – Greenwald County Park – Cherry Hill and Haddonfield, NJ – 1.8 miles

Haddon Heights –
Little Timber Creek Nature Trail – Devon Tract – Haddon Heights, NJ – about 0.6 miles

Haddon Township –
Saddler’s Woods – Haddon Township, NJ – 1.3 miles of trails
Haddon Lake Park – Haddon Township/Audubon, NJ
Newton Lake Hike – Oaklyn, Collingswood, Haddon Township, NJ – 4 miles of trails

Lindenwold, NJ –
Lenape Trail – Lake Worth County Park – Lindenwold, NJ – 1 mile
Kirkwood Lake Hike – Kirkwood Lake County Park – Lindenwold, NJ – 2 miles or so

Oaklyn –
Newton Lake Hike – Oaklyn, Collingswood, Haddon Township, NJ – 4 miles of trails

Pennsauken –
Cooper River Park – Pennsauken, NJ – 4 miles
Fish House Cove Nature Trail – Pennsauken, NJ – 0.4 miles round trip
Pennsauken Historical Society Nature Trail – Pennsauken, NJ – 0.2 miles round trip

Somerdale –
Somerdale Nature Trail – Nature Trail Park, Somerdale, NJ – 3/4 mile of trails

Voorhees Township (Kirkwood, Kresson, Ashland, etc)-
Stafford Trail – Voorhees, NJ – 0.65 miles one way
John T. Hale, Sr. Memorial Park Trails – Voorhees, NJ – 1 mile loop
Viking Trail – Voorhees, NJ – About 1/3 of a mile (one way)

Winslow (Sicklerville) –
Blue Hole Trail – Winslow, NJ – 1.6 miles out-and-back
Penbryn WMA – Winslow/Berlin, NJ – little more than a mile around (not counting coming back)
New Brooklyn County Park – Winslow, NJ – many miles of unmarked trails. I’ve done about 3 miles total while exploring.
Winslow Conservation Area – Winslow, NJ – 0.5 miles.
Frank Donio Memorial Park – Winslow, NJ/a> – 1 mile

Burlington County


Bass River Township –
Lake Trail (Harrisville Pond)/Batona/Martha Road Loop – Bass River Township, NJ

Bordentown –
Northern Community Park – Abbott Marshlands – Bordentown, NJ – 1.2 miles

Cinnaminson –
Taylor Wildlife Preserve – Cinnaminson, NJ – 2 1/2 miles or so

Delanco –
Newton’s Landing Trail at Pennington Park – Delanco, NJ – 2 mile trail (3.8 miles of trail in park)

Delran –
Amico Island County Park – Riverside/Delran, NJ – 2 miles of trails
Swedes Lake – Delran, NJ – Just over a mile out-and-back
Lake Lonnie – Delran, NJ – 0.6 miles, some more left to explore!

Eastampton –
Historic Smithville Park Trails – Eastampton, NJ – 4.1 miles of trails

Evesham Township (Marlton) –
Black Run Preserve Trails – Marlton, NJ – at least 7 miles of trails
Cold Spring Preserve – Marlton, NJ – at least 2 1/2 miles of trails.

Hainsport –
Rancocas State Park (South End) – Hainsport, NJ – 8.2 miles of trails.
Long Bridge Park – Hainsport, NJ

Lumberton –
Lumberton Nature Trail – 1.8 miles (total out-and-back)

Mansfield Township –
Crystal Lake County Park – Mansfield, NJ – 3.5 miles of trails

Medford –
Hartford Crossing Trails – 1.25 miles and growing!
Miriam and Melvin Wurst Nature Preserve – Medford, NJ – 1 mile of trails
Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge – Medford, NJ – 3 trails. Guest post by Roger!
Medford Wildlife Management Area – Medford, NJ – we did 1 mile of hiking, but miles and miles of unmarked trails here
Cowan Preserve – Medford, NJ – trails marked, but overgrown. Did not get far in.

Moorestown –
Boundary Creek Natural Resource Area- Moorestown, NJ
Little Woods on the Rancocas Preserve – Moorestown, NJ – 1 mile
Pompeston Park Trail – Moorestown, NJ – about 2 miles round trip

Mount Holly –
Mt Holly Rail Trail – Mt Holly, NJ – .75 miles (one way)

Mount Laurel Township –
Rancocas Point Trail – Mt. Laurel, NJ – 1 mile (total out and back)
Mount Laurel State Park – Mt. Laurel, NJ – about 1 mile of trails
Levin Nature Conservancy – just over 2 miles of trails

Palmyra –
Cove Trail – Palmyra Cove Nature Park – Palmyra, NJ and Palmyra Cove Nature Park (Revisted) (a guest post by Dave and Mary!)

Pemberton Township (Browns Mills, etc)-
Old Bog Trail – Whitesbog, Browns Mills, NJ
Evert Trail Preserve – Pemberton, NJ – 1.5 miles official (1.9 according to my gps)
North Branch Preserve – Pemberton, NJ – 1.1 miles total (lollipop trail).
Pemberton Rail Trail – Pemberton, NJ – 3.2 miles out-and-back, 3.8 miles by looping off trail through town.
Stavola Beachwoods Preserve – Pemberton, NJ – about 1.6 miles

Riverside –
Amico Island County Park – Riverside/Delran, NJ

Shamong (Atsion, etc)-
A Walk Through Atsion – Wharton State Forest – Shamong, NJ – 1 mile or so
Red Atsion Lake Trail and Blue Atsion Lake Trail – Atsion Recreation Area, Wharton State Forest – Shamong, NJ – 1 mile
Pipers Corner Preserve – Shamong, NJ – 1.5 miles

Southampton (Vincentown, etc) –
Eagles’ Walk – Vincentown, NJ – 1.7 miles
Bishop Farmstead Walking Trail – Pinelands Preservation Alliance Headquarters, Southampton, NJ – 0.6 miles

Tabernacle (Indian Mills, etc) –
Batona Trail – Carranza Memorial to Apple Pie Hill – Wharton State Forest, Tabernacle, NJ
Friendship Creek Preserve – Tabernacle, NJ – no marked trails, but miles of wandering

Washington Township (Batsto, etc)
Batsto Lake White Trail – Batsto, NJ – 4 miles – Guest post by Marybeth!
Batsto Lake Blue Trail – Batsto, NJ – 2 miles
Batsto Lake Trail (Red) – Batsto, NJ – 1 mile.
Tom’s Pond Trail – Batsto, NJ
Mullica River Trail – Washington Township to Shamong, NJ – 9.5 miles

Westampton –
Rancocas State Park (North End) including Rancocas Nature Center – Westampton, NJ

Willingboro –
Willingboro Lakes Park – Willingboro, NJ

Woodland Township (Chatsworth, New Lisbon, Brendan Bryne/Lebanon State Forest, etc)
Batona Trail – Parker Preserve – New Lisbon, NJ – 8.2 miles
Cranberry Trail – Brendan Byrne State Forest – New Lisbon, NJ – 6 miles
Mount Misery Trail – New Lisbon, NJ – 8.5 miles (10 miles to finish loop)
Old Bog Trail – Whitesbog Village, New Lisbon, NJ – 0.4 miles
Red Trail – Franklin Parker Preserve – Chatsworth, NJ – 6 miles (guest post by James! Thanks!)
White Trail – Franklin Parker Preserve – Chatsworth, NJ – 3.5 miles
Michael Huber Prairie Warbler Preserve – Woodland Township, NJ – 13 miles of trails

Gloucester County


Clayton –
Scotland Run Park – Clayton, NJ – did 3 miles wandering around the various trails, and have more we didn’t see!

Deptford Township –
Old Pine Farm Trails- Deptford, NJ – roughly 1 1/2 miles total.
Timber Creek Park – Deptford, NJ – 0.6 miles

Elk Township –
Elephant Swamp Trail – Elk Township to Elmer, NJ – 6 miles (one way)

Greenwich (Gibbstown) –
Nehaunsey Park Trails – Gibbstown, NJ– 2.25 miles (out and back)
Flood Gate Road/Riverfront Park – Greenwich Township – 2 miles (total out and back)

Mantua (Sewell, etc) –
Tall Pines State Preserve – Sewell, NJ – roughly 4 miles of trails (we hiked 2.6 miles)
Washington Lake Park – Sewell, NJ – 2.5 miles hiking trails, 2.9 miles jogging trails
Ceres Park – Mantua Township/Pitman, NJ – 1.5 miles (lots more miles back there to explore) and our Stream Walk here with the Glucester County Nature Club
9/11 Memorial Trail at Chestnut Branch Park – Mantua, NJ – 1.1 miles, can expand the hike on the paved paths through the rest of the park.

National Park –
Fort Mercer Walkabout – Red Bank Battlefield Park – National Park, NJ – 1 mile

Pitman –
Ceres Park – Mantua Township, NJ – 1.5 miles (lots more miles back there to explore) and our Stream Walk here with the Glucester County Nature Club

Lake Narraticon – Swedesboro Lake Park, Swedesboro, NJ – 1.4 miles

Wenonah –
Wenonah Woods Trails (East of Railroad Tracks) – Wenonah, NJ – 3.0 trail miles or so
Wenonah Woods Trails (West of Railroad Tracks) – Wenonah, NJ – 3.0 trail miles or so

West Deptford (Thorofare, West Deptford) –
West Deptford Scenic Trail – Thorofare, NJ – 1.1 miles

Westville –
Wheelabrator Wildlife Refuge – Westville, NJ – 3 miles out-and-back
Andaloro National Wildlife Refuge – unknown miles of trails (we did just over a mile)

Woodbury –
Woodbury Creek Park Trail – Woodbury, NJ – 0.6 mile
Stewart Park Nature Trail – Stewart Park – Woodbury, NJ – about 3/4 of a mile total with lakeside walk

Salem County


Elephant Swamp Trail – Elmer to Elk, NJ – 6 miles (one way)
Parvin Srtate Park – Elmer, NJ – 15 miles of trails

Pennsville –
Walking Tour Trail and Parados Trail – Fort Mott State Park – Pennsville, NJ – 1.2 miles and 0.3 miles
Grassland Trail, Wetlands Pond Trail, and Forest Habitat Trail – Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Preserve – Pennsville, NJ GT -1.25 miles, WPT – 0.33 miles, FT – 0.75 miles

Cumberland County


Commercial Township (Shellpile, Bivalve, Port Norris, etc)-
PSE&G Commercial Township Wetland Restoration Site Nature Trail– Shellpile/Bivalve, NJ –  2 miles (one way)

Downe Township (Dividing Creek, etc)-
Glades Wildlife Refuge- Dividing Creek, NJ –  four trails totaling roughly 5 miles (one way)

Maurice River Township (Delmont, etc) –
Eldora Nature Preserve – Delmont, NJ – 2.8 miles of trails

Millville –
Harold N Peek Preserve – Millville, NJ – 3 miles of trails.
Maurice River Bluffs Preserve – Millville, NJ – 5 miles of trails

Cape May County


Cape May Court House-
Lizard Tail Swamp Preserve – Cape May Courthouse, NJ – 3+ miles of trails

Cape May –
Cape May Point State Park – Cape May, NJ – 3.2 miles of trails

Dennis Township (Ocean View, etc) –
Cedar Swamp Trail – Cape May National Wildlife Refuge (Great Cedar Swamp Unit) – Ocean View, NJ – 1.2 miles

Middle Township (Cape May Courthouse)-
Songbird Trail – Cape May National Wildlife Refuge (Delaware Bay Unit) – Middle Township, NJ – 1.5 miles

Ocean City –
Corson’s Inlet State Park – Ocean City and Strathmere (trails on Ocean City side), NJ – about 2.5 miles of hiking here
Crooked Horn Creek Nature Trail – Ocean City, NJ – 0.75 miles (one way)

Upper Township (Palermo, Mamora, etc)
Cameron Wildlife Sanctuary (Cape May County Park North) – Palermo, NJ – 1.2 miles of trails

Wildwood Crest
Dunes Trail and Marsh Trail – Two Mile Beach Unit – Cape May National Wildlife Refuge – Wildwood Crest, NJ – 1 miles of trail (2 miles round trip)

Atlantic County


Egg Harbor Township
Egg Harbor Township Nature Reserve – Egg Harbor Township, NJ – 6 miles of trails here.

Galloway Township –
Edwin Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge – Galloway Township, NJ – up to 12 miles of hiking available here!

Hammonton –
Hammonton Lake Park and Smith Conservation Area – Hammonton NJ – 2.2 miles

Mays Landing (Estell Manor) –
Swamp Trail/Oakridge Trail Loop – Estell Manor County Park, Mays Landing, NJ – 2 miles

Port Republic –
Mill Pond Trail – Port Republic Trail System – 1.8 miles

Weymouth Township –
Weymouth Furnace and John’s Woods Preserve – roughly 2 1/2 miles of trails

Ocean County


Barnegat Township –
Cloverdale Farm County Park – Barnegat Township, NJ – 1.4 mile nature trail
Lochiel Creek County Park- Barnegat, NJ – 2.3 miles of trails

Barnegat Light – 
Maritime Trail – Barnegat Lighthouse State Park – Barnegat Light, NJ – 0.2 miles.
Jetti Walk – Barnegat Lighthouse State Park – Barnegat Light, NJ – about 2 miles out-and-back
A. Jerome Walnut Nature Trail & the wreck of the Sea King – Barnegat Light, NJ – trail is 0.25 miles one way, can do the trail and ship wreck for just over a mile, or wander for miles on the beach.

Beachwood –
Jakes Branch Park – Beachwood, NJ – 8.2 miles of trails

Ocean Township (Waretown, etc) –
Wells Mills County Park – Waretown, NJ – 14.5 miles of trails

Monmouth County


Highlands – 
Sandy Hook Multi-use Trail – Gateway National Recreation Area, Hightlands, NJ – 8 miles-ish

Manalapan Township –
Combs Trails and Parson Farm – Monmouth Battlefield State Park, Manalapan Township, NJ – 16 miles of trails (7 miles south of Rt 33)

Toms River –
Cattus Island Park – Toms River, NJ – 7 miles of trails

Wall Township – 
Manasquan Floodplain Trail – Allaire State Park, Wall Township, NJ – 1/2 mile trail

Mercer County

Bordentown – 
Bordentown Bluffs Trails – Bordentown, NJ – 2 miles total (out-and-back)

Hamilton Township – 
John Roebling Memorial Park – Hamilton Township, NJ – 5 miles
Grounds for Sculpture – Hamilton Township, NJ – many miles of walking

Hopewell Township (Titusville) – 
Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain – Titusville, NJ – 4 1/2 miles (8 to 10 miles of trails)

Warren County (by no means South Jersey, but still in New Jersey)

Knowlton Township (Columbia) –
Sunfish Pond Hike – Columbia, NJ – 13 miles or so

Hiking in nearby states that are, technically,
not part of South Jersey!
(We try not to hold it against them)


Monroe County


Delaware Water Gap –
Mt Minsi Loop – Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area – Delaware Water Gap, PA

Lancaster County


Martic Township – 
Conestoga Trail: Pequea Creek Campground to House Rock – Pequea, PA – 6 miles or so round trip

 National Trails Day!


National Trails Day – 2013
National Trails Day To Do – 2014 and National Trails Day – 2014
National Trails Day to Do 2015

South Jersey Trails Group Hikes


Daddy-Kid Hike – May 31, 2015 – Crow’s Woods Nature Preserve
Daddy-Kid Hike II – November 2015 – Palmyra Nature Cove, Palmyra, NJ
Daddy-Kid Hike III – February 13, 2016 – Saddler’s Woods, Haddon Township, NJ
Daddy-Kid Hike IV: Back to the Woods – March 19, 2016 – Black Run Preserve – Evesham, NJ

All county maps by David Benbennick  – The maps use data from nationalatlas.gov, specifically countyp020.tar.gz on the Raw Data Download page. The maps also use state outline data from statesp020.tar.gz. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

14 responses to “Hiking Trails

  1. I like #2 under your purpose statements. Hiking the entire AT – you are more than capable of that. Let me know when you head out and I will you with some trail blessings!

  2. Denise

    Atlantic County Park in Estelle Manor has some nice hiking paths plus a couple of very nice playgrounds for the little guy and a nature center. It is extremely well maintained.
    Great site. Thanks for the info!

  3. Fantastic sight~~!! I took my students to Pequea Cave/hiking yesterday and I used your photos as an anticipation guide for our journey. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Melanie

  4. Jess

    I just came across your site – it’s great! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to blaze these trails & sharing info about them and pictures. Being new to this, i never know where to start to take the kids hiking but my kids love nature & so I want to bring them hiking more. I have a brood of little ones & it’s great to see you are doing it with your little children too. This is so helpful. Have you done any in PA yet, not far from the southern NJ border as to keep it relatively local? Just curious. Thanks again so much for all the great resources! Happy hiking!

    • Hi Jess,

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

      I have hiked some trails in Pennsylvania and Delaware, but I don’t always post them, and I don’t seek them out (more like stumble into them, usually through Scouting). With 100 South Jersey trails hiked and 100 more or so on the to-do list, I figure South Jersey should keep my hands full for a while!

  5. Erin

    Franklin Parker is an amazing hike with miles of trails through abandoned cranberry bogs as well as Double Trouble with some awesome history. Batsto is also a safe bet for some historical adventures as well as going through to Martha’s Furnace! Thanks for the epic list of trails, there’s so much left out there to explore!

    • Thanks! I’ve done the White Trail and the Batona in the Parker Preserve, I really need to head back and do the other trails there. I’ve actually never been to Double Trouble, I have to do that one sometime soon!

  6. This is just what i’ve been looking for. Great pictures and practical directions. THANKS, Dave, for creating and maintaining this blog/website.
    bill mason
    a life(72yrs)-long resident of CamCo, South Jersey.

  7. Emi

    This is a wonderful website! Very informative. A joy to read. I have never hiked; only walked at parks. Hopefully, come cooler weather in Autumn, I would like to start. Thank you for this site, and the information!

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